What can I sell on a car boot sale?

My Top 10 recommended car boot best sellers…
  • Clothes. Clothes are a top seller at car boots. ...
  • CDs, PC games, DVDs and records. CDs, PC Games, DVDs and records sell well at car boot sales. ...
  • Perfumes and cosmetics. ...
  • Collectables and books. ...
  • Jewellery. ...
  • Watches and clocks. ...
  • Musical instruments. ...
  • Tools and garden stuff.
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What sells best at a car boot sale?

Bric-a-brac, clothes, books and toys are all car boot sale staples. However, it can be surprising what sells well, so even if you think an item is not worth anything, it may be worth bringing it along. You should avoid spending all of your profits on buying more items from other sellers.
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What can you not sell at car boot sales?

Fire Arms, Knives, Tobacco, Alcohol and Controlled Substances, Unless fully licensed to do so, with permission from National Car Boot sale organisers, it is strictly forbidden to sell any of the above items and any items that may fall into the above categories.
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How to make good money at car boot?

Ten tips for successful selling at car boot sales
  1. Research. ...
  2. Pack the night before. ...
  3. Get there early. ...
  4. Go with a friend. ...
  5. Consider when to use price labels. ...
  6. Bargains attract. ...
  7. Prepare answers to objections that buyers may have. ...
  8. Set your stall out like a retailer would.
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Can I sell sweets at a car boot?

You will probably need a health and Hygiene certificate so contact your council and find out. Also contact who owns the car boot site, and see if they are allowing any more traders selling sweets. It is not just a case of buying, rebagging and selling on.
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I Bought EVERYTHING On His Stall At HUGE Summer Car Boot Sale!

Can I sell homemade jam at a car boot sale?

You can sell food which is not to be consumed on the premises at our sales (such as homemade cakes and jams etc). However we believe that you would then definitely be considered a TRADER and be governed by the rules set out below.
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Can I sell new stuff at a car boot?

Are you allowed to sell new goods? It is fine if you bring along unwanted gifts that are deemed new. However, we are not a market and do not wish to have market stalls within our Car Boot Sales. Our Car Boot Sales are very well attended because our customers enjoy picking up their second hand and retro gear!
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Are car boot sales illegal?

It is an offence to hold a temporary market, or permit your land to be used for a temporary market, without giving notice. If you do so, you can be fined up to £2,500.
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Do you pay tax on car boot sales?

On the other hand, if somebody regularly attends car boot sales (for instance every month) with a view to making profits, HMRC will deem them to be trading and they would need to be registered as self-employed for tax and National Insurance purposes.
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How do you display clothes at a car boot sale?

Clothes rail.

If you are going to sell old clothes, you can put them on the ground on a rug, or display them on a rail. The latter is much, much better: clothes on the floor quickly get jumbled into less-than-enticing piles of fabric. Also, people have to bend down to rummage through them.
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Can I sell my cakes at a car boot sale?

If you're simply selling cakes once in a blue moon at a car boot sale or market then you don't need to worry. However, if you are planning on doing this regularly, contact your local council and ask them what the rules are. If you do have to register your kitchen, it's totally free to do so.
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What time should you go to a car boot sale?

When to arrive – Some car boot 'experts' suggest that you should visit a car boot sale both at opening time, to view the best items before they are snapped up, and then again at the end, to offer cash that sellers can't refuse if they want to avoid taking everything home.
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Do car boot sales run in winter?

We run at least two car boots a week, every week through the whole year. In the winter we do car boots on Saturday and Sunday and in the Spring, Summer and Autumn you can catch up with the action every week on Tuesday and Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday.
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Do car boot sales happen in winter?

Car boot sales do run in the winter yes... they tend to be in the sticks a bit (where there's space) and you often need a car to get to them (I used to go to one at Denham which must have been at least a mile from the nearest public transport).
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Can you sell electrical goods at car boot sales?

We advise consumers not to buy items such as electric fires, electric blankets and irons at boot sales. Unless the item has a reputable recent source, and is complete with its original instructions, we would caution strongly against its sale.
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Why is it called a car boot sale?

The term "car boot sale" refers to the selling of items from a car's boot. Although a small proportion of sellers are professional traders selling goods, or indeed browsing for items to buy, most of the goods on sale are used personal possessions.
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Can I sell plants at a car boot sale?

Allotment Laws state that you cannot sell vegetables or plants from your plot! So i think doing that in a car boot would be a bad idea. What i do is give them away at work for small donations!
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What is the difference between a flea market and a car boot sale?

Unlike flea markets, which are usually populated by professional traders selling antiques and collectibles, the idea behind a car boot sale is that ordinary people pay a small fee - usually £7 to £15 - for a pitch big enough for a car. A higher fee is charged for bringing a van to the sale.
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What is a carboot sale?

: a sale in which people gather to sell items that they bring to the sale in their cars.
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How does a car boot work?

What is a parking boot? A parking boot (wheel clamp) is a device that is used to temporarily immobilize a vehicle. The boot is clamped onto one of the vehicle's wheels (generally front driver's side) and is locked in place preventing the vehicle from being driven and the wheel from being removed. 2.
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What do I need to sell cakes at a car boot sale?

Food Hygiene Certificate – You will probably need to have a standard Food Hygiene Certificate. This can be obtained by attending a one-day course, generally run by the local council. If they don't have a suitable course, they will have details of courses available in your district.
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How much float do I need for car boot?

Take a cash float because at car boots, cash is king. You will need at least £20 in change which should be kept on you at all times, preferably in a money belt for easy access. Also take food and a flask of tea or coffee. You don't want to spend profits on pricey burgers or drinks from a van.
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Can you just turn up at a car boot sale?

We don't take bookings for sellers in advance, you simply need to turn up on the day - or the night before - and join the queue. Please take a look at our "sellers" section for all the information you need, including pricing, pitch sizes, and the few items which are prohibited at our sales.
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Why are car boot sales so early?

Getting there early means you can choose the best position for your stall where you will be able to get the most customers. It will take some time to set up your stall so get there with plenty of time to allow you to set up well.
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What to look for when buying a winter boot?

Here are 8 tips and tricks for choosing the RIGHT boots this winter!
  • 1- Trends. “Right now, what's trending is a look that's a blend of fashion and the great outdoors: a boot that's not too heavy, but warm. ...
  • 2- Height. ...
  • 3 - Colour. ...
  • 4- Materials. ...
  • 5 - Insulation. ...
  • 6- Soles. ...
  • 7- High Heels. ...
  • 8 - Lifetime.
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