What can you buy at French Christmas markets?

Most people love the French cheeses, the patés, cakes and confectionery, they are all such delicious foods and make great Christmas gifts. Christmas decorations are also a good buy as most are unusual and much better quality than in the department stores.
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What is sold in French Christmas markets?

There are a number of Les Marchés de Noël throughout Paris, selling art and craft products, local specialties, gastronomic treats for the Christmas dining table, toys and clothes.
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What to buy at Christmas markets in France?

At good Parisian Christmas Markets, you should get four things. Firstly, chalet-style stalls selling crafts or gifts. Second, there should be hot food available (and it's France, so of course, there will be some indulgent options), plus hot drinks and alcohol, including vin chaud, which is warm wine mulled with spices.
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What is sold at Paris Christmas markets?

If you make it at the right time, you might just see Santa's appearance as he strolls through with a mug of mulled wine. Other specialties of this Christmas market include high-quality arts and artisan crafts made in France, gift-worthy clothing and accessories, and some fancy gourmet foods.
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What do they sell at Christmas markets?

What to sell at a Christmas market
  • Crafts. People come to Christmas markets to look for unique gifts that they can't get on the high street. ...
  • Food. Many people visit Christmas markets in the evening. ...
  • Books. ...
  • Seasonal items. ...
  • Artwork and photography. ...
  • Cosmetics. ...
  • Pet gifts. ...
  • Your best stock.
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French CHRISTMAS MARKET TOUR 🎄 Food & Shopping in Strasbourg!

What sells best at a Christmas market?

Top-selling Christmas gift-shopping items like sweaters, t-shirts, wall art, mugs, phone cases, cards, tote bags, and photo books can elevate sales during this festive season.
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What are some three things you could buy at a Christmas market?

If you're looking for something special to take home to remember your Christmas Market adventure (or maybe if you're looking for unique gifts for friends and family), keep an eye out for hand-made ornaments, nutcrackers, Santas, and more.
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Which Paris Christmas market has the best food?

Paris Christmas Markets 2023: The Good, Bad & Ugly
  • Best Shopping: La Défense Christmas Market, Paris – Xmas La Défense.
  • Best For Foodies: Alsatian Christmas Market, Paris. ...
  • Saint-Germain Christmas Market, Paris.
  • Saint-Michel Christmas Market, Paris.
  • Eiffel Tower Christmas Market, Paris.
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What can you buy at the Strasbourg Christmas market?

The Strasbourg Christmas Market at Place de la Cathédrale

Here, you'll be able to throw your coins at the usual suspects of every Christmas market haul, including cookies, tree decorations, and of course, vin chaud, AKA mulled wine.
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What does the Strasbourg Christmas market sell?

The Christmas markets in Strasbourg spreads out across the centre of the town, focused around Cathedral Square and Place Broglie where hundreds of stalls sell ornaments, toys, food and mulled wine to keep you warm as you browse.
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What do you buy at a French market?

Explore the French Market and take time to meet the craftspeople who create authentic decorative and functional ceramics, apparel, fiber art, jewelry, glass and metal sculpture, leather goods, woodcrafts, natural body products and much more.
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What is a good thing to buy in France?

Top 10 must-have things to buy in France
  • Breton striped shirts. ...
  • Lavender. ...
  • The Little Prince. ...
  • Earthenware. ...
  • Pétanque balls. ...
  • Le Grand Comptoir. ...
  • Beret. ...
  • Copper cookware.
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What do they sell at French markets?

French markets are, first and foremost, about the fresh produce, meats, cheeses and fish. Here, shoppers can fill up a sack with plump green almonds buried deep in a deep layer of soft pulp.
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What to eat at Paris Christmas markets?

Oh, and the Christmas Tree is worth a picture! Look out for Vin Chaud and Marrons Chaud signs through the market, and fill yourself with a cup of warm spiced wine and a packet of roasted chestnuts. There will also be other food stalls serving traditional fares like escargot, mushrooms, and raclette (yum!).
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Is Christmas a big deal in France?

Christmas in France is a major annual celebration, as in most countries of the Christian world. Christmas is celebrated as a public holiday in France on December 25, concurring alongside other countries.
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What do French people make for Christmas?

Just like turkey is to Thanksgiving, a French Christmas main dish is almost always a large roasted “dinde” (turkey). A French Christmas turkey is traditionally made with a chestnut stuffing, and served with roasted potatoes, chestnuts and sometimes cooked apples around it.
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Which Christmas market is better Colmar or Strasbourg?

The two markets are quite hard to compare as Strasbourg's markets are nearly triple the size to Colmar. Colmar is much smaller and does offer different things to eat and purchase. I recommend doing both as they're quite near to each other and you can train from Strasbourg (or vice versa) in 30 minutes.
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Is Strasbourg Christmas market worth it?

Yes, the Christmas market in Strasbourg is definitely worth it. As the home of Christmas, it will easily get you in the festive spirit and with 13 markets to explore, you won't get bored. Strasbourg is a beautiful city and very easy to walk around, plus it has a 30-metre Christmas Tree with over 7km of lights.
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How long to spend in Strasbourg Christmas market?

Strasbourg is one of Europe's top destinations for Christmas markets and holiday cheer, and we recommend setting aside at least 2 full days to explore the city and markets in Strasbourg itself.
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Where is the most famous French Christmas market?

Known in France as Marché de Noel, the big three Christmas markets in France can be found in Paris, Lille and Strasbourg. There are lots of smaller Christmas markets across the country.
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Where is the biggest Christmas market in France?

Alsace Christmas Markets

Two of the biggest French Christmas markets are in Colmar and Strasbourg which are both located in the Alsace region.
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What is the most popular Christmas food in France?

The quintessential French Christmas dessert is the bûche de Noël, or the Yule or Christmas Log, a rolled cake with filling and thick icing. In ancient times, legend has it that families would place a huge log in the fireplace and let it burn until the end of the meal.
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What do you wear to a Christmas market in Europe?

Dress in Layers

That way, if it gets cold, you can easily add a jacket or scarf. And if it gets too hot, you can always take off a layer or two. But avoid packing too many heavy items, as you don't want to lug around a giant coat all day. A light jacket or sweater should suffice along with your heavy duty coat.
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Do European Christmas markets take credit cards?

While the majority of modern-day Christmas market stalls accept credit cards, others stick strictly to the local tender. Bring along some cash to make sure you're properly prepared. Note that most banks will charge a hefty fee for withdrawing cash in other currencies and/or countries.
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How do I decide what to buy for Christmas?

Key Points
  1. Practical, durable, and meaningful beats flashy, surprising, and thoughtful.
  2. Give gifts that solve problems and are easy to benefit from.
  3. Focus on making the recipient better off in the long run, not short-term highs that make them (or you) feel good.
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