What is France's Capital of Christmas?

Strasbourg, capital of Christmas” is exceptionally renowned. Every year, close to two million visitors flock to the Alsatian capital to experience its enchanting market. For over a month, Strasbourg is imbued with a festive, spiritual ambiance with few parallels anywhere else in Europe.
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Where is the Christmas town in France?

Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas.
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Which city is the Capital of Christmas?

This essential symbol of “Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas” is also the highest decorated Christmas tree in Europe. Hundreds of merchants and craftsmen occupy the 300 chalets set up almost everywhere in the city centre.
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Why is Strasbourg the Christmas Capital?

Welcome to the Capital of Christmas

The Christmas market in Strasbourg is the oldest market in France, dating back to 1570 so it's no surprise that the city considers itself the 'Capital of Christmas'.
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Which country is the Christmas Capital of the world?

Strasbourg, France

In France, Strasbourg is the Capitale de Noël (Capital of Christmas).
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Strasbourg France 🇫🇷 Capital of Christmas 🎄 Most Beautiful Cities in the World 🌷 4K Walk

Which city has the best Christmas in the world?

10 of the Top Places To Spend Christmas Around the World
  1. North Pole, Alaska. Get festive at the Fairbanks Santa Claus House. ...
  2. Rovaniemi, Lapland. Rovaniemi is the place to be for a reindeer-drawn sled ride. ...
  3. Basel, Switzerland. ...
  4. Atlixco, Mexico. ...
  5. Prague, Czech Republic. ...
  6. Birmingham, England. ...
  7. Dresden, Germany. ...
  8. Singapore.
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What is the European Christmas Capital?

Brno in the Czech Republic proudly holds the esteemed title of European Capital of Christmas, while Waterford in Ireland is crowned as the European City of Christmas for 2024. Additionally, the festive allure of Almanza in Spain earns it a special mention for its remarkable Christmas decorations and celebrations.
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What is the old name for Strasbourg?

Until the fifth century AD, the city was known as Argantorati (in the nominative, Argantorate in the locative), a Celtic Gaulish name Latinised first as Argentorate (with Gaulish locative ending, as appearing on the first Roman milestones in the first century) and then as Argentoratum (with regular Latin nominative ...
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Is Strasbourg originally German?

The city has only been officially German for 51 years of its over two thousand year existence. Strasbourg was originally a free city within the Holy Roman Empire with indeed German being the language used in administration. It was eventually incorporated into France by Louis XIV in 1681.
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Who has the longest Christmas in the world?

The Filipino Christmas season stretches over months and often begins as early as September. The island nation celebrates what is probably the longest Christmas in the world.
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Is London a Christmas city?

With its huge Winter Wonderland funfair in Hyde Park, the spectacular illuminations in its main avenues such as Regent Street and Oxford Street, and its richly decorated markets, there's no shortage of things to do when it comes to enjoying the magic of Christmas in London.
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Where is the best Christmas market?

  • Budapest, Hungary. Budapest's markets take place from mid-November. ...
  • Zagreb, Croatia. Zagreb's main Christmas attraction is its Ice Park. ...
  • Lille, France. Lille's main market is held in Grand Place. ...
  • Berlin, Germany. Berlin boasts more than 70 markets. ...
  • Vienna, Austria. ...
  • Bruges, Belgium. ...
  • Copenhagen, Denmark. ...
  • Basel, Switzerland.
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Is Strasbourg nice at Christmas?

Strasbourg is definitely worth a visit at Christmas. Known as the “Capital of Christmas,” the city goes all out when it comes to festive decorations. When you stroll through the streets of Strasbourg during Christmas, you'll feel like you're in a winter wonderland.
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Where is the most beautiful place in France for Christmas?

The 10 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in France
  • Paris. The City of Lights becomes even more enchanting during the holidays. ...
  • Strasbourg. Known as the "Capital of Christmas," Strasbourg boasts the oldest and most famous Christmas market in France. ...
  • Colmar. ...
  • Lyon. ...
  • Nice. ...
  • Bordeaux. ...
  • Lille. ...
  • Marseille.
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Where is the best place to go for Christmas in France?

Although the French capital is truly one of the best places to celebrate Christmas, Strasbourg arguably has it beat. While Paris is the capital of France, Strasbourg is widely considered the French Christmas capital. It's practically synonymous with the holiday season.
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Is Strasbourg Christmas market worth visiting?

Fabulous, special, memorable experience! Across central Strasbourg, everywhere you turn there are markets, selling all sorts of Christmas goods and yummy food. Most houses are decorated with pine and teddy bears, which adds to the wonderful nights of the town. Not to be missed!
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Do they speak English in Strasbourg?

Since Strasbourg is one of the capitals of Europe, English is widely spoken. In general, the demographic in Strasbourg is very diverse, so it's not uncommon to hear several languages while walking around. This means you're almost always sure to find someone who speaks English.
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Do they speak French in Strasbourg?

Strasbourg is the home of the European Parliament which is directly elected by the European Union and the seat of several international institutions. Historically, the city was German speaking but French is now the dominant language amongst a worldwide audience.
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Do people still speak German in Strasbourg?

The spoken language in Strasbourg was Old High German (at least since 800), long before Louis XIV of France annexed the city (1681). But the knowledge of the German language (dialect: “Alsatian”) in these days disappears more and more. And most of the inhabitants themselfs feel French, the rest European.
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Does Strasbourg belong to Germany or France?

Strasbourg, with its 276.401 inhabitants, is the ninth larger metropolitan area of France.
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Is Strasbourg protestant?

Strasbourg, as a free imperial town, was a beacon for Protestantism right from the 16th century.
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What food is Strasbourg known for?

Famous Food Locals Love to Eat in Strasbourg
  • Spaetzle.
  • Alsace Kougelhopf.
  • Lewerknepfle.
  • Baeckeoffe.
  • Choucroute d'Alsace.
  • Coq au Riesling.
  • Flammekueche/Tarte Flambé
  • Mauricettes.
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What is the most magical Christmas city in Europe?

Rovaniemi, Finland: Located in Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi offers spectacular displays of the Northern Lights, as well as wonderful Santa Claus village, pictured, which is at its most magical during winter.
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Where is Christmas Village in Europe?

Santa Claus Village is located in Rovaniemi, Finland, the official hometown of Santa Claus. Santa Claus has made Lapland in Northern Finland his home for centuries, and the Arctic Circle is close to his heart because many Christmas secrets are rooted in this magical place.
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What is the most famous Christmas market in Europe?

Budapest, Advent Feast At The Basilica

For the fourth time, Budapest's Christmas market has been chosen Best Christmas Market in Europe, after winning in 2023, 2021 and 2019.
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