What is the fee for selling on Facebook marketplace?

Does Facebook Marketplace charge fees? One of the best things about Facebook Marketplace is that it's free to use. There are no listing fees and, in most cases, Facebook won't take a cut of your sale. The only exception is when you set up a professional shop with a checkout.
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How much does Facebook take from selling on Marketplace?

FAQs About Facebook Marketplace

Facebook will not charge you a listing fee for selling items on Facebook Marketplace. However, there are selling fees involved. The selling fee is 5% per shipment or a flat fee of $. 40 for shipments of $8 or less.
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How much does it cost to sell on Facebook Marketplace UK?

It's easy to list items on both platforms. Upload photos, add a description, set your price, and you're good to go. How much does Facebook Marketplace charge in fees? There are no fees to pay on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree to list and sell products.
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How do I avoid fees on Facebook Marketplace?

If you're buying products from Facebook Marketplace, you don't have to pay any fees. And just listing an item for sale is free too. The only time you'll have to pay a fee is when you officially sell an item. After you deliver the product and get paid, Facebook takes a cut of the final payment.
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Is it worth selling on Facebook Marketplace?

It's great to sell exciting, trendy stuff, but reliable ecommerce best-sellers tend to fly under the radar. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell everyday household items like furniture, cleaning supplies, books, and glassware. There will always be demand for these kinds of products.
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Facebook Marketplace Fees EXPLAINED | Everything You Need To Know In 2023 💰

How do you get paid on FB Marketplace?

To receive payments from sales for your orders sold with shipping, you'll need to link your PayPal or bank account. To receive payments from Facebook (example: chargebacks, payments from buyer coupons, reimbursements from appeals), you can only link your bank account.
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Is it better to sell on eBay or Facebook Marketplace?

Apparently, you can opt for selling on Facebook Marketplace if you wish to get rid of old items quickly without having to travel far from your neighborhood or get used to a new platform. On the other hand, eBay is a great place if you want to be an active seller and have a couple of products with high profits in hand.
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Should you use PayPal for Facebook Marketplace?

As for payment, carrying cash, especially a lot of cash, is risky. Facebook Marketplace recommends a secure person-to-person payment method such as PayPal.
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Should I give my address on Facebook Marketplace?

Don't share personal information such as your home address. Create a meeting plan and share it with a trusted friend or family member.
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What is the safest way to receive payment on Facebook Marketplace?

Local Pickup on Marketplace

Don't transfer money directly into a seller's bank account. Instead, offer to use a secure person-to-person payment site, such as PayPal or sending and receiving money in Messenger.
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Is it safe to sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Scams are everywhere, including on Facebook Marketplace. If you don't take precautions when buying or selling items on Facebook Marketplace, you may end up losing money. According to Tech Jury, over one billion users are active on Facebook Marketplace and scammers have targeted one in six of those users.
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How can I sell on Facebook for free?

  1. Tap in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Tap . ...
  3. Tap Sell at the top, then tap Items.
  4. Enter the info about your item. ...
  5. Tap to hide your listing from your Facebook friends. ...
  6. Click Next. ...
  7. If you like, select more places to list your item (example: buy and sell groups, your Facebook profile).
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What sells the most on Facebook Marketplace UK?

Best Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace
  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories. The demand for clothing and accessories never deteriorates. ...
  • Home Furnishing. Furniture is the most common category on Facebook to sell. ...
  • Pet Supplies. ...
  • Kids Stuff. ...
  • Handmade Items. ...
  • Electronic Goods. ...
  • Gardening Item. ...
  • Homeware & Home Decor.
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What are the cons of Facebook Marketplace?

Cons of using only Facebook Marketplace

It may take longer to sell your items since there isn't a highly specific, targeted audience. It's harder to separate your business and personal life if your sales are connected to your personal Facebook account (with photos of your dogs, kids and vacations).
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Does eBay charge a fee to sell?

If your item sells, eBay keeps a portion of the sale. This final value fee for most categories is 13.25% of the sale price or lower, plus $0.30 per order.
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Should you use your real name on Facebook Marketplace?

Learn about the different ways to buy and sell on Marketplace. Documents must include information such as first and last name, date of birth, issuance and expiry date, as well as the document ID number. The name on this document must match the name you've registered on your Facebook Marketplace profile.
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Should I give my address and phone number on Facebook Marketplace?

A legitimate buyer will more than likely ask for additional information about the item for sale, such as the condition of the item. Potential buyers who ask for personal information like your email address or phone number or request the funds quickly are most likely scammers.
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Does everyone see your post on Facebook Marketplace?

Listings with Hide from friends turned on are still public. If you choose to hide a listing, it will be hidden from your friends on Facebook and Messenger in most cases but will still be visible to everyone off of Facebook and Messenger. All listings must follow our Commerce Policies.
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What is the safest way to receive money from a buyer?

Personal and Cashier's Checks

Like we mentioned, it's pretty dangerous to walk around with your pockets full of large bills, and for that reason the buyer may choose to pay you in a personal or cashier's check. Besides cash, a certified cashier's check is the most secure way to accept payment during a private sale.
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What is the safest way to receive money from a stranger online?

The safest and most anonymous online payment methods are cryptocurrencies, virtual credit cards, and Cash App. While all online transactions leave a digital trail, cash is the best method to send and receive money. However, not always the most convenient one.
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Should I give my number on Facebook Marketplace?

Conceal personal information 🤐: Sellers should never be quick to divulge their phone numbers. It is entirely unnecessary for a legitimate transaction on any online marketplace.
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Is there a better place to sell than Facebook Marketplace?

Nextdoor is a community-based platform that connects local community members, making it a great alternative to Facebook Marketplace. Whether you're looking to buy or sell items, Nextdoor provides a worthy alternative that eliminates the hassle of dealing with pawn shops or third-party sellers on Craigslist.
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What should you not do when selling on Facebook Marketplace?

13 Facebook Marketplace Safety Tips
  1. Don't Disclose Personal Information. ...
  2. Know That Profiles May Be Fake. ...
  3. Communicate Safely with Sellers and Buyers. ...
  4. Meet In A Public Place. ...
  5. Pick Up or Drop Off Items With a Friend. ...
  6. Rely On Contactless Pick Up When Possible.
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What is the most profitable items to sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Some of the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace (FBMP) are home decor, print-on-demand, and seasonal products. Similarly, baby supplies, pet supplies, and electronic items sell well on FBMP. Moreover, we can find more products like these with the AutoDS product research tool.
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Is PayPal safe on Marketplace?

While cash is one way to receive money for your items, an effective and secure alternative for receiving money is PayPal. Once you've set up a PayPal account, you can create a custom PayPal.Me link, which your buyer can click on to securely pay for your item via their own account.
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