What is the most common fail on a MOT?

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Lamps, reflectors, and electrical equipment – The most common MOT failure class, accounting for 27% of all defects, included lamps, reflectors, and electrical equipment.
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What is the main reason for failing the MOT?

Blown bulbs are the single biggest cause of failures, and are one of the simplest and cheapest to fix. Before the test, enroll a friend to help you check all of the lights are working – front, rear, indicators (including side repeaters), brake lights (including central repeaters), and fog lights front and back.
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What is a major defect on MOT?

Defects which are failure items but are not seen as dangerous are known as major defects. Major MOT defects will cause an instant MOT fail, and you will not pass the test until these defects have been rectified. Major defects include a shock absorber or exhaust system with a substantial fluid leak.
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What will make an MOT fail?

Around 1.5 million vehicles fail their MOT due to simple things such as faulty bulbs, too little tyre tread, or even empty windscreen washer fluid bottles. It's possible to anticipate most of these issues with a quick check of your car. It only takes a 'Minute Or Two'!
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Does my boot need to be empty for an MOT?

Remove items in the boot and from the backseat – this will give access to the spare wheel if required. Also, note that items such as car seats secured by a seatbelt should be removed prior to an MOT test so the tester can test the seatbelts on the back seats easily.
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MOT Faults Explained And What Happens If You Fail Your MOT

Can you drive home if MOT fails?

The answer here is yes, provided that in failing the test, no problems have been listed as 'dangerous'. If you continue to drive with dangerous faults - even if there is some time left on your old MOT certificate - then you could be facing a £2,500 fine and three points on your driving licence.
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Do you need to lift the bonnet for an MOT?

You must inspect bonnet catches on vehicles with a bonnet, which would obscure the driver's view of the road if opened. The inspection is only for primary catches - those that hold the bonnet fully closed.
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Do they check TYRE pressure on MOT?

While the tyre pressure is not a specific part of the MOT test, the examiner may check your tyres to ensure they are properly inflated and have sufficient tread depth. This is because improperly inflated or worn tyres can impact the safety and performance of your vehicle.
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What are the new MOT changes for 2023?

MOT changes 2023: Major update to test and check services adds safety recall warnings. A major change to the MOT process means drivers will now be warned of outstanding safety recalls on their cars as part of the annual test.
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Is oil checked on MOT?

Is oil checked on MOT? Your steering oil level will be checked as part of the MOT. Your vehicle will need enough oil and fuel levels to carry out emission checks. So it will be worth checking this before taking your car to your MOT appointment.
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Can you get a second opinion on a failed MOT?

Can I Get A Second Opinion On A Failed MOT? There is nothing to stop you from going to another garage for a second opinion after a failure, but you will need to pay for the second test in full.
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How long can I drive my car after a failed MOT?

If your car has failed an MOT, it means there are things which need to be fixed and therefore you cannot drive. However, you will get ten days in which you can drive to have repairs done and get a retest to ensure your vehicle is safe. After those ten days are up, it becomes illegal to drive the vehicle.
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Do you get 14 days grace for an MOT?

A common misconception among many drivers is that there is a two-week grace period surrounding your MOT. A 14-day MOT grace period simply doesn't exist. Once your MOT runs out then you cannot drive your car, or even leave it parked up on the road.
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Do you still pay for MOT if it fails?

You'll only need a partial retest if you take the vehicle from the test centre for repairs and take it back within 10 working days. You can be charged a partial retest fee for this. In all other cases, you'll need to get a full retest and pay the full MOT test fee again.
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Am I insured with a failed MOT?

Remember that your insurance may no longer cover you if you receive an MOT fail result, even if your certificate is still valid. Additionally, once your MOT certificate expires, then both your insurance and tax will also be invalid. Under no circumstances should you drive your vehicle.
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Do you get a free MOT if it fails?

If you find yourself in a situation where your car fails an MOT test, a free MOT retest or a partial MOT retest fee is possible within a ten-day retest period. The ten-day MOT retest period allows time to make any necessary repairs.
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What gets checked on an MOT 2023?

These include checking the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is present and legible and a check that your registration plate (number plate) is secure, legible, and in the correct format. The MOT test also includes checks on: Lights. Steering and suspension.
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How much should an MOT cost 2023?

MOT prices and deals at National

Our standard online 2023 MOT price is just £39.99 – much less than the government maximum of £54.85.
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Why do garages charge different prices for MOT?

If you choose to have your MOT test done at a dealership that specialises in your car's brand, they might charge higher prices compared to an independent garage. This is because main dealerships often have higher overheads, and their technicians may have specialised training or certifications for specific car brands.
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Are brake pads checked in MOT?

The MOT tester will carry out a visual inspection of the brake pads, looking for any wear and tear. The function of the ABS warning light and its sequence of operation will be checked during the MOT test.
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Will a MOT fail for a flat tyre?

Will my MOT requirements change with run flats? As part of a standard MOT test, by law all four tyres on the car will be checked. Tyres must be within the legal limit of 1.6mm, in good condition, and free from tears, bulges, sidewall cracks and other damage. The same rules apply with run flat tyres.
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Can a car pass an MOT with a nail in the tyre?

Nails and glass are commonly found to be embedded into both tyre sidewalls and the tread. If any sharp object is discovered during an MOT inspection, your tyres will fail. If left to linger, sharp objects can cause lasting damage to your tyres, including punctures and sidewall damage.
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Is windscreen washer part of MOT?

The MOT test covers the condition of the windscreen plus that of the windscreen wipers and washers. Your car may fail its MOT if: The washers do not provide enough liquid to clear the windscreen in conjunction with the windscreen wipers.
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Do you need a rear view mirror to pass an MOT?

Are your mirrors clear too? You need an internal rear-view mirror and at least one driver's side mirror to pass the MOT. They should be secure, clearly visible from the driver's seat and easy to adjust. If your mirrors are broken or cracked, be sure to replace the mirror glass or the entire mirror.
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Is heated rear window part of MOT?

rear heated screens are not testable nor are heater blowers.
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