What is the real name of the Petticoat Lane?

The Victorians changed the name of Petticoat Lane, considering it too racy. It's now called Middlesex Street, and on Sundays you'll find the street crammed with fashion and textile stalls, alongside street food sellers and other stallholders.
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Does Petticoat Lane still exist?

Nowadays, you won't find a Petticoat Lane on Google Maps. The Victorians felt the name was a little too risqué for their tastes. But the market is still very much in existence and it sells everything from knock-off designer clothing to cleaning products.
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Is Petticoat Lane worth visiting?

With more than a 1000 stalls lining the streets, bargain hunters come from all around London to look for a deal. So, even if you're not in the mood to shop, it's definitely worth a visit just to experience this hub of bargain hunting bartering.
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What is the history of Middlesex Street?

In Tudor times, Middlesex Street was known as Hogs Lane, a pleasant lane lined by hedgerows and elms. It is thought city bakers were allowed to keep pigs in the lane, outside the city wall; or possibly that it was an ancient droving trail.
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What is the nearest tube to the petticoat lane market?

The nearest stations to Petticoat Lane Market are:
  • Leman Street, Aldgate is 145 meters away, 3 min walk.
  • Aldgate Station (D) is 157 meters away, 3 min walk.
  • Liverpool Street Underground is 205 meters away, 3 min walk.
  • St Botolph Street (B) is 222 meters away, 4 min walk.
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Petticoat Lane, London (1926)

What is Petticoat Lane in London famous for?

Most popularly, it is notable for its sale of leather goods near the Aldgate East area of the stalls. Petticoat Lane Market is also where Lord Alan Sugar began his empire to become one of the UK's wealthiest and most famous businessmen. Being from the East End himself, he used to have a stall holder in the market.
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Where is Harrods closest tube?

Knightsbridge is the nearest underground station in Harrods. We would suggest that you take the Underground to reach Harrods in a convenient and economical way.
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Why is petticoat lane so called?

Its name is said to come from the saying 'they would steal your petticoat at one end of the market and sell it back to you at the other'. The numerous immigrant waves to London settled in the area long before it became part of London Jewish life from the 1880s.
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What is the nickname for Middlesex County?

Middlesex County holds the nickname, The Greatest County in the Land. The county was primarily settled due to its optimal location along the Raritan River. Middlesex was originally formed as one of four administrative districts within Province of East Jersey in 1675, together with Bergen, Essex and Monmouth districts.
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Why is London called Middlesex?

Middlesex county's name derives from its origin as the Middle Saxon Province of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Essex, with the county of Middlesex subsequently formed from part of that territory in either the ninth or tenth century, and remaining an administrative unit until 1965.
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When did petticoat lane market start?

Petticoat Lane is one of London's oldest street markets, situated on the border of the City and the East End of London. The market arrived here in the late eighteenth century when 'old clothes' traders, principally Jewish, moved eastwards from an earlier base at Houndsditch.
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Why is Brick Lane in London famous?

Since the late 1990s, Brick Lane has been the site of several of the city's best known night clubs, notably 93 Feet East and The Vibe Bar, both built on the site of The Old Truman Brewery, once the industrial centre of the area, and now an office and entertainment complex.
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What is Brick Lane like in London?

The name Bricklane itself comes from the brick kilns introduced here by early Flemish settlers. These days it is the home of funky art like graffiti, street art and modern art, international food and handmade ice creams . It is also the home of vintage fashion with many shops and several flea markets.
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What is the oldest market in the UK?

Archaeological evidence suggests that Colchester is England's oldest recorded market town, dating to at least the time of the Roman occupation of Britain's southern regions. Another ancient market town is Cirencester, which held a market in late Roman Britain.
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What is the oldest street market in London?

Borough Market is one of London's most famous food markets. At the Southwark market you'll find British and international foods. Celebrities, chefs, locals and tourists alike visit the Borough Market for its high-quality foods and cheap take-away restaurants.
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What day is Whitechapel market on?

Whitechapel Market (Monday to Saturday)

This historic market runs along Whitechapel Road. Crossrail will see the area become a major interchange and transportation hub.
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Why is Middlesex no longer a county?

It doesn't exist. At least, you won't find it on the map of ceremonial counties. The authority disappeared in 1965, when it was absorbed into the freshly minted Greater London. Nobody pays their taxes to Middlesex County Council.
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What was the old county of Middlesex?

As stated on the Gov.uk website “Middlesex County ceased as an administrative council in 1965. The former area of Middlesex now corresponds to much of Greater London and parts of Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Surrey.
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Why is Limehouse so called?

Limehouse was named after the limekilns of 'oasts' which burned chalk from Kent to make builder's lime. By the 14th Century it was called 'le Lymhostes'. By 1553 it was called 'Lymehurst'. The Thames River Police were founded in 1798 to protect valuable cargo on board the West India Company's ships.
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Why is brick lane called brick lane?

It wound its way through fields on the eastern edge of what was then the City of London. The name Brick Lane came about following the Great Fire of London in 1666 as the area is situated on ground rich with clay, making it the ideal spot for the manufacture of bricks.
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Why is Spitalfields called Spitalfields?

Spitalfields takes its name from the hospital and priory, St. Mary's Spittel which was founded in 1197. Lying in the heart of the East End, it is an area known for its spirit and a strong sense of community. It was in a field next to the priory where the now-famous market first started in the thirteenth century.
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Is there a dress code for Harrods?

Does Harrods have a dress code? We do not have a specific dress code for entry into the store, including any of our restaurants. However, we do reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who is not deemed to be appropriately dressed.
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Does the Queen go to Harrods?

"The royal family, with the exception of Prince Philip, are welcome to shop at Harrods at any time." Workmen remove the crest representing the Royal Warrant granted by Prince Charles to Harrods from its shopfront, December 2000.
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How much does Harrods toilets cost?

LONDON, April 16 -- London's exclusive department store, Harrods, confirmed Saturday it will charge 1 pound ($1.50) for the use of four new luxury lavatories which are currently being refurbished at a cost of 1 million pounds ($1.5 million).
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