What sells best at car boots?

Bric-a-brac, clothes, books and toys are all car boot sale staples. However, it can be surprising what sells well, so even if you think an item is not worth anything, it may be worth bringing it along. You should avoid spending all of your profits on buying more items from other sellers.
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What is the best thing to sell at car boots?

Sort out the stock. Sort out what you would like to get rid of and identify items that other people might want to buy. Popular items at a car boot sale include clothes, accessories, kid's toys, baby goods, shoes, furniture, ornaments, photo frames, jewellery, books, CDs and DVDs.
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How do I make my car boot sale successful?

9 Proven Car Boot Sale Tips That Will Actually Make You Money
  1. #1 Presentation is Key. ...
  2. #2 Treat your Car Boot Like a Shop. ...
  3. #6 Consider the Best Items to Sell. ...
  4. #7 Pitch up Next to The Best Stalls. ...
  5. #8 Customer Service. ...
  6. #9 Stand Your Ground.
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What can you not sell at car boot sales?

Fire Arms, Knives, Tobacco, Alcohol and Controlled Substances, Unless fully licensed to do so, with permission from National Car Boot sale organisers, it is strictly forbidden to sell any of the above items and any items that may fall into the above categories.
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How do I promote my car boot sale?

Spread the word with flyers, posters, banners and via social media. Provide sellers with an advice sheet when they register and make it clear that they bring their cars onto the premises at their own risk. Include guidelines on trademarks, copyright and trade descriptions (see below).
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Why are car boot sales so early?

Getting there early means you can choose the best position for your stall where you will be able to get the most customers. It will take some time to set up your stall so get there with plenty of time to allow you to set up well.
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Can you sell sweets at a car boot sale?

You will probably need a health and Hygiene certificate so contact your council and find out. Also contact who owns the car boot site, and see if they are allowing any more traders selling sweets. It is not just a case of buying, rebagging and selling on.
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How do you display clothes at a car boot sale?

Clothes rail.

If you are going to sell old clothes, you can put them on the ground on a rug, or display them on a rail. The latter is much, much better: clothes on the floor quickly get jumbled into less-than-enticing piles of fabric. Also, people have to bend down to rummage through them.
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Do you pay tax on car boot sales?

On the other hand, if somebody regularly attends car boot sales (for instance every month) with a view to making profits, HMRC will deem them to be trading and they would need to be registered as self-employed for tax and National Insurance purposes.
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Can I sell homemade jam at a car boot sale?

You can sell food which is not to be consumed on the premises at our sales (such as homemade cakes and jams etc). However we believe that you would then definitely be considered a TRADER and be governed by the rules set out below.
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What time should you go to a car boot sale?

When to arrive – Some car boot 'experts' suggest that you should visit a car boot sale both at opening time, to view the best items before they are snapped up, and then again at the end, to offer cash that sellers can't refuse if they want to avoid taking everything home.
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Are car boot sales illegal?

It is an offence to hold a temporary market, or permit your land to be used for a temporary market, without giving notice. If you do so, you can be fined up to £2,500.
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Can you sell new stuff at car boot sale?

Are you allowed to sell new goods? It is fine if you bring along unwanted gifts that are deemed new. However, we are not a market and do not wish to have market stalls within our Car Boot Sales.
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Are car boot sales a British thing?

While Americans hold garage sales and the French have flea markets, the English have a distinctly British activity in which to sell one's personal second hand goods.
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Can I sell plants at a car boot sale?

Allotment Laws state that you cannot sell vegetables or plants from your plot! So i think doing that in a car boot would be a bad idea. What i do is give them away at work for small donations!
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Can you sell electricals at a car boot sale?

First thing when car boot sales open, professional resellers will scour for electrical goods. Make sure you've gathered up all of your unused tech gear, which will sell for a higher price than most of your other odd bits and bobs, and set up early. Some things you might not have even thought of will sell.
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Do you need permission to run a car boot sale?

Car boot sales usually count as 'occasional sales', which must be licensed. An occasional sale is a sale including five or more stalls, stands, vehicles or pitches. There are exceptions to the licensing of occasional sales.
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Do you pay VAT on car sales?

VAT is charged at 20% on almost all new cars, whether they are bought upfront, on finance, or leased, Some people or businesses that are VAT registered can reclaim it, while some disabled drivers can avoid paying it in the first place.
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What vehicles are exempt from paying car tax?

Tax exempt cars. There is more than one route to having a zero-VED-rated car, with electric cars, cars with low CO2 emissions, historic cars and cars used by someone with a disability all exempt – assuming certain criteria are met.
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How do I organize my car boot?

How To Organise Your Car Boot – Step By Step
  1. Step 1 – Take Everything Out. First things first. ...
  2. Step 2 – Clean. At this stage it's worth cleaning the boot completely. ...
  3. Step 3 – List What's Essential. ...
  4. Step 4 – Decide How To Store The Essentials. ...
  5. Step 5 – Put Essentials Back. ...
  6. Step 6 – Enjoy!
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How do you pack a car boot?

Prioritise your packing

Hard, low-priority items like sports equipment, camping furniture, toys and duvets need to be at the bottom of the boot or tucked out of the way, whereas essentials like medicines, phone chargers and spare clothes should be easy to grab from the top of the pile.
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How do I sell food on carboot?

At the very least, you might be required to register as a business trader (free of charge). Registering your premises – You may be also required to register your premises (likely your home kitchen), assuming food is actually being prepared there, with the EHS at least 28 days before commencement of trading.
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Can I sell cakes at a car boot?

If you're simply selling cakes once in a blue moon at a car boot sale or market then you don't need to worry. However, if you are planning on doing this regularly, contact your local council and ask them what the rules are. If you do have to register your kitchen, it's totally free to do so.
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Do I need a health and hygiene certificate to sell sweets?

It is not mandated by law to have a food hygiene certificate to prepare or sell sweets; however, having one will ensure you have up-to-date knowledge of all relevant legislation. Proper food hygiene is a must when it comes to selling food, especially from home.
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Do I need insurance to sell sweets?

If you're running a sweet shop then public liability insurance is essential. It can protect your business against claims for injuries sustained at your premises. Public liability insurance can cover accidental injury to third parties or accidental damage to property resulting from your business activities.
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