Where to shop in London in December?

Best places for Christmas shopping in London
  • Covent Garden and Seven Dials. Christmas shopping in Covent Garden. ...
  • Oxford Street and Regent Street. Christmas lights above Regent Street. ...
  • Carnaby. ...
  • Mayfair and St James's. ...
  • Chelsea and Belgravia. ...
  • Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross. ...
  • Knightsbridge. ...
  • Westfield.
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Where to go shopping for Christmas in London?

  • Fortum & Mason. Start off your Christmas shopping spree right at Fortum & Mason. ...
  • Oxford Street & Regents Street. Named Europe's busiest shopping spot, Oxford Street is a classic option for festive shoppers. ...
  • Westfield Shopping Centre. ...
  • Seven Dials. ...
  • Hamleys. ...
  • Selfridges. ...
  • Carnaby Street. ...
  • Liberty London.
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Which part of London is best for shopping?

10 Best Places to Go Shopping in London
  • Oxford Street.
  • Knightsbridge.
  • Saville Row.
  • Spitalfields Market.
  • Camden Market.
  • Westfield London Shopping Centre.
  • Portobello Road.
  • Harrods.
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What street in London is famous for shopping?

Wander along Oxford Street – one of the most famous London shopping streets – which is home to more than 300 shops, designer outlets, high-street chains and landmark stores.
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Which street is busy in London for shopping?

Oxford Street is a busy shopping street in the West End of London. It spans 1.2 miles long and houses many of the biggest names in UK retail, with many independent outlets tucked away down quiet side streets and alleyways. It has a reputation for appealing to all comers with a wide variety of stores.
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What shops are worth visiting in London?

  • Covent Garden. 25,324. Flea & Street Markets Covent Garden. ...
  • Harrods. 19,844. Department Stores Knightsbridge. ...
  • Portobello Road Market. 4,570. Flea & Street Markets. ...
  • Frameless. 737. Art Galleries. ...
  • Old Spitalfields Market. 2,211. ...
  • The Courtauld Gallery. 3,459. ...
  • Greenwich Market. 1,759. ...
  • Westfield London. 2,205.
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Is clothes expensive in UK?

Depends! It you earn money in Euros and want to buy designer goods then the UK can be the cheapest place in the world to buy that coveted handbag, or coat, or whatever. If you come from outside the EU and will be exporting the goods then you will (may) be able to reclaim the VAT on goods bought in the UK.
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Which brands are cheaper in London than India?

Swiss chocolates and Alcohol. You can get beers and Scotch whiskey at a very good rate. Also you can get all kinds of chocolates (Lindt, MnM, Tobelerone, kisses, mini chocolate bars) at a very cheap rate, specially Lindt chocolate, if you're a big fan like I am.
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What is the main shopping district in London?

Oxford Street, the renowned shopping street in London, is a magnet for visitors, brimming with energy and offering an incredible variety of shopping delights. Stretching over a mile, it's a haven for flagship stores, popular brands, and well-known department stores, making it an absolute paradise for all shopaholics.
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What is the famous mall in London?

Westfield Stratford City is widely recognized as London's one-stop-shop for any kind of retail desire. Featuring 250 modern storefronts and 70 eateries spread across a mind-boggling 177,000 square meters, this shopping mall is one of the largest in all of Europe.
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What is the most famous shop in London?

Harrods. Probably the most famous department store in the world, Harrods' iconic late-Victorian façade dominates the busy Kensington thoroughfare beneath. Home to over one million square feet of prime retail space, the opulent interior entices shoppers with five floors of ornate architecture and glossy fashion.
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What brands can you shop in London?

Our top brands
  • DIOR.
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What is the biggest shopping Centre in London?

About. With 250 shops plus 70 places to dine, Westfield Stratford City is the largest shopping mall in Europe and the new lifestyle destination for East London.
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What to buy in London for Christmas?

Find something unique at one of London's many Christmas markets, from one-off pieces to handmade jewellery and beautiful arts and crafts. These markets are havens for even the most last-minute shoppers. Christmas markets in London include handmade gifts, stocking fillers and seasonal foodie treats.
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Is London Christmas market free?

Right along the Thames with views of Big Ben and the London Eye, Southbank Centre's Winter Market – part of the arts institution's wider Winter Festival – is probably the quintessential London Christmas market. It's open for months, meaning you can visit whenever suits you, and it's free to enter.
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What is the famous street in London for Christmas?

Regent Street has long been renowned for its spectacular light display during the festive season, as the first ever central London location to boast Christmas lights, which decorated the street in 1954.
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Is everything in Harrods expensive?

Not everything in Harrods is ridiculously expensive. They carry popular brands as well, and they do offer substantial discounts in their sale. They're perceived as expensive because they also stock hugely expensive products as well as the affordable stuff.
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Is shopping more expensive in London?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most expensive place to shop for essential items is London, with a total grocery shop costing around £22.50. Rent is also very expensive compared with other cities, with monthly fees on a one-bed in the city centre around £2,081.
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What is the largest shopping street in the UK?

Oxford Street is a major road in the City of Westminster in the West End of London, running from Tottenham Court Road to Marble Arch via Oxford Circus. It is Europe's busiest shopping street, with around half a million daily visitors, and as of 2012 had approximately 300 shops.
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What's cheap to buy in London?

The Top 25 Things that are Cheaper in the UK.
  • British Tea. Brits love tea, and we don't want to pay a fortune for it. ...
  • Cadbury chocolate. Cadbury chocolate isn't available in every corner of the world. ...
  • Museum Gifts. ...
  • Union Jack Items. ...
  • Bath Items. ...
  • Creams & Lotions. ...
  • Women's clothing. ...
  • Men's clothing.
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What should I buy from India to UK?

Spices like cardamom, cumin, turmeric, and cinnamon are commonly used in Indian cooking and can be difficult to find in the UK, or may be more expensive. Bringing or sending Indian spices can enhance your cooking and allow you to enjoy the authentic flavors of Indian cuisine.
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Which clothing brand is best in UK?

popularity is the % of people who have a positive opinion of a fashion & clothing brand. Find out more
  1. 1 Clarks71%
  2. 2 Levi's71%
  3. 3 Next71%
  4. 4 Nike68%
  5. Dr. Martens62%
  6. 6 Adidas61%
  7. 7 Primark59%
  8. 8 North Face58%
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Is H&M cheaper in UK?

We found that the clothing company H&M prices its goods in the UK almost identically to the rest of Europe. We looked first at a linen blend shirt dress, which retails in the UK stores for £39.99, equal to €46.97. In every other EU market we tested, the price was €49.99, so the shopper in Britain is saving about £3.
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Is it cheap to buy clothes in UK?

In fact, the UK is home to some of the best bargain stores in the world. They typically offer unbeatable prices for goods, tools, necessities and clothes that you likely won't be able to find back in your home country.
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What items are cheaper in UK than India?

Luxury goods: High-end luxury goods such as designer handbags, watches, and clothing are often cheaper in the UK due to lower taxes on luxury items. Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, and spirits are generally cheap.
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