Ah, the British car boot sale! A great regular event when the weather is good, but unfortunately at the mercy of our great British weather. Most car boot sales kick off in the spring, usually in April, and wrap up at the weather starts to cool off, usually in September or October. If you’ve ever wondered about the timing and rhythm of these sales throughout the year, as well as how to sell your things out of season, this post is here to shed some light.

The Typical Car Boot Sale Season

Car boot sales are predominantly outdoor events, which means they’re deeply affected by the UK’s ever-unpredictable weather. Generally, the car boot sale season kicks off in the spring, reaching its peak during the summer months. As the weather becomes warmer and the days longer, sellers and buyers alike find it pleasant to spend a Sunday morning browsing stalls or haggling over prices.

Come autumn, the frequency of car boot sales starts to dwindle. By winter, most regular outdoor sales have concluded for the year. Yet, the end of the traditional car boot sale season doesn’t mean there aren’t any opportunities to snag a bargain or offload some goods.

Factors Influencing the End of the Season

  • Weather: As mentioned, the UK weather plays a significant role in determining the car boot sale calendar. A mild autumn might see sales extending into October, while a particularly wet or cold season might see them wrapping up in early September. It’s always handy to keep an eye on our listings to see whether your local car boot sales are closing early.
  • Location: Sales in certain parts of the UK might finish earlier or later than others. Coastal areas, which might be chillier or exposed to early autumn storms, could see an earlier end. Conversely, urban or shielded areas like Central London might have sales running slightly longer.
  • Indoor Car Boot Sales: In some areas, organisers migrate their sales indoors during the colder months. Community halls, schools or other large indoor spaces become makeshift car boot sale venues. These can take place throughout the winter, providing a more controlled environment against the UK’s inclement weather.

Tips for Late Season Car Booting

If you’re considering attending or hosting a stall at a car boot sale towards the end of the season, here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Dress for the Weather: Even if the calendar still says summer, early morning autumn chill can be biting. Layer up and prepare for changeable conditions.
  • Expect Bargains: As the season winds down, sellers are eager to offload items rather than pack them up for next year. This can be a prime time for some serious haggling and fantastic deals.
  • Start Early: While this holds true for most car boot sales, it’s especially pertinent late in the season. Fewer buyers and sellers might be around, so the best deals and items could be gone by mid-morning.
  • Check Dates and Venues: Always confirm the dates, times, and locations of late-season sales. Some might shift venues, or, if the weather’s particularly bad, be cancelled altogether.

Off-Season Opportunities

Just because the traditional car boot sale season has concluded doesn’t mean you can’t find similar opportunities. Charity shops, second-hand stores, and online marketplaces like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay can offer treasure-hunting experiences year-round.


Car boot sales in the UK, with their charming blend of community spirit and the thrill of the hunt, are undeniably seasonal affairs. While they peak in the balmy days of summer, you can still find opportunities to engage in them as autumn rolls in. So, grab your wellies, your warmest jumper, and a good dose of British determination, and dive into the world of late-season car booting. And remember, even if the outdoor season comes to a close, indoor venues and alternative platforms await to satiate your bargain-hunting appetite!


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