Linslade Car Boot

Linslade Car Boot
Car Price £8
Van Price £10
Large Van Price £12
Buyer Price £1
Telephone +447487293072

Is Linslade Car Boot Sale open today?

Linslade Car Boot Sale is open Every Sunday, April to September 12.00pm – 17.00pm / Seller Arrival: 11.00am

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Mafioso uk

This car boot is a joke they can’t make up their mind how much to charge, was 50p per car then 50p per person then £1 per person and during covid they even charged £2 per person. Money grabbing car boot

carol anne

If you are disable and can prove it to staff with a blue badge so walking up hill to massive que painful. Please give allowance and help to wait at gate and allow only blue badge holder all badges have photo of holder on on reverse side blue badge the pic will prove they are disable. If they come with other people and are not on badge que up like everybody else

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